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1.1 Herodotus here! Writing so we don't forget stuff, esp. the Persian Wars. The Persians say the Phoenicians started it by kidnapping Io.  [Note: This tweet actually combines the proem and the first section of the History.]

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1.2 Some Greeks then kidnapped Europa from Phoenicia & Medea from Colchis. They refused to return Medea when her father, the king, demanded.

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1.3 A generation later, Alexander/Paris carried off Helen. The Greeks demanded her back but the Trojans refused, citing the Medea business.

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1.4 The Greeks overreacted to Helen's abduction and invaded Asia, then destroyed Troy. Thus began Persian enmity toward the Greeks.

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1.5 The Phoenicians say Io went willingly. *I'll* say who began it & I'll mention cities big & small, for I know GOOD FORTUNE IS INCONSTANT.

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1.6 Croesus of Lydia, who ruled all the peoples west of the Halys River, was the 1st barbarian to subject Greeks to the payment of tribute.

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1.7 The Lydian kingship passed from the Heraclidae to the Mermnadae, Croesus' family, as I'll explain. The last Heraclid king was Candaules.

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1.8 Candaules fell in love w/his own wife & praised her beauty to his bodyguard Gyges, whom he bid view the queen naked. Gyges begged off.

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1.9 But Candaules insisted and told his plan: Gyges would hide behind the door and watch her undress before bed, then he'd slip out unseen.

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1.10 Gyges reluctantly obeyed. He hid, watched & left, but she saw him. At once she knew what Candaules had done & she contemplated revenge.

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