Book 1

1.101 Thus Deioces united the Medes. (There are six Median tribes: the Busae, Parataceni, Struchates, Arizanti, Budii, and Magi.)

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1.102 Deioces ruled 53 yrs & was succeeded by his son Phraortes. He subdued the Persians & much of Asia besides but died fighting Assyria.

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1.103 Phraortes' son Cyaxares came next. He ruled all of Asia beyond the Halys. But the Scythians invaded while he was besieging Nineveh.

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1.104 The Scythians poured into Asia via a route between the Caucasus Mts. & the Caspian Sea. They defeated the Medes and subdued all Asia.

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1.105 They marched on Egypt but were bribed by its king to retreat. They passed through Syria, where some of them plundered a temple.

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1.106 The Scythians ruled Asia for 28 years until Cyaxares & the Medes recovered their empire. Cyaxares subdued Assyria except for Babylon.

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1.107 Astyages ruled next. He dreamt his daughter Mandane flooded Asia w/urine. Alarmed, he betrothed her to a Persian instead of a Mede.

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1.108 He then dreamt a vine grew from her vulva & shaded Asia--a sign her kid would replace him. He tasked Harpagus w/killing her newborn.

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1.109 Harpagus took the baby home but could not kill it himself, for both sentimental & practical reasons. He decided to outsource the job.

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1.110 Harpagus summoned Astyages' herdsman Mitradates & ordered him to expose the baby. If he did not kill it, he would himself be killed.

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