Book 1

1.111 Mitradates took the baby home, having learned whose kid it was, & told his wife the story. She'd been near labor herself when he left.

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1.112 He showed her the baby & she begged him not to kill it. She'd given birth that day to a stillborn baby & suggested they make a switch.

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1.113 So the royal baby was taken in by Mitradates, & the dead baby was dressed in royal clothes & exposed. Later Harpagus' men buried it.

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1.114 When the boy, later called Cyrus, was ten, he whipped a playmate while pretending to be king. The kid's father complained to Astyages.

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1.115 Astyages summoned Mitradates & Cyrus, & Cyrus explained: the boy did not obey him as pretend king & was punished for his defiance.

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1.116 Cyrus' appearance, bearing, & age made Astyages suspect the truth. He dismissed the complainant & questioned Mitradates about Cyrus.

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1.117 Astyages, hearing the story, was furious with Harpagus. He summoned H., who told the truth: that he had farmed out the infantiĀ­cide.

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1.118 Astyages pretended Cyrus' survival was for the best. He invited Harpagus to dinner & told him to send his son over to hang with Cyrus.

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1.119 Harpagus sent his boy to Astyages, who cut him up & cooked him & served him to dad for dinner. Harpagus learned later what he'd eaten.

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1.120 Astyages asked the Magi--who'd interpreted his vine dream--if Cyrus was yet a threat. They thought he could safely be sent to parents.

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