Book 1

1.121 Astyages was pleased and told Cyrus the news, that he'd be escorted to Persia to live with his biological parents.

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1.122 In Persia Cyrus spoke much of his adoptive mother Cyno ("dog"), from whose name came the story that Cyrus had been suckled by a bitch.

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1.123 Meanwhile, Harpagus plotted against Astyages. When he had things ready, he sent Cyrus a message re. his plan, hidden in a dead hare.

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1.124 Cyrus, when he got the hare, slit it open and read the message: Harpagus urged him to lead the Persians in a revolt against Astyages.

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1.125 Cyrus, after some thought, assembled the Persians & told them he'd been named their general. He ordered them to report with scythes.

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1.126 When they returned, Cyrus gave them an object lesson--hard work one day, a feast the next: revolt from Astyages and life will be easy.

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1.127 Astyages sent an army against the rebels & foolishly made Harpagus its commander. Many of his men joined the Persians in revolt.

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1.128 After this defeat Astyages impaled the Magi who’d bid him release Cyrus. Later Astyages’ army was again defeated and he was captured.

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1.129 In captivity Astyages berated Harpagus: he was stupid for not making himself king and unjust for handing the throne to a Persian.

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1.130 That's how Astyages lost his throne after 35 years of rule, and that's the story of how Cyrus came to be king and to dominate Asia.

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