Book 1

1.131 And now for some Persian customs. They don't build temples or altars, but they do sacrifice, e.g., to Aphrodite, whom they call Mitra.

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1.132 When a Persian sacrifices, he slays & cuts up an animal, then stews it. Later he takes the meat home. A Magus must be there to chant.

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1.133 The Persians feast on their birthdays and love wine. It is forbidden among them to vomit or urinate in anyone else's presence.

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1.134 The Persians honor themselves most among men. Others are ranked according to their distance from Persia: the farther away, the worse.

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1.135 They are happy to borrow practices from other cultures. For example, they learned pederasty from the Greeks.

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1.136 A man's worth is shown by his valor in battle & the no. of his sons. They teach boys 3 things: horsemanship, archery, & truth-telling.

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1.137 The Persians may not kill someone for a single offense only. They claim that patricide and matricide are unknown among them.

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1.138 Lying is the biggest offense among them, followed by indebtedness. They will not spit or urinate in rivers or watch anyone else do so.

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1.139 I've also noticed this--though the Persians themselves haven't: all their names end in -s.

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1.140 All this I know from personal knowledge. I've heard, too, things re. their burial practices. But enough of this! Back to the story.

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