Book 1

1.141 After Lydia fell, the Greeks who'd sided w/Croesus sued for favorable terms. Cyrus' reply: "Too late!" They sent to Sparta for help.

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1.142 Ionia has a beautiful climate. Four different dialects are spoken among the 12 Ionian cities, the southernmost of which is Miletus.

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1.143 The Milesians were ok as they had a deal w/Cyrus; the islanders bc the Persians weren't seamen. Now, the 12 cities were confederates.

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1.144 (The Dorians likewise have a five-city confederacy. It used to be six cities, but Halicarnassus got kicked out.)

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1.145 I think the Ionians had a 12-city confederacy because they'd been divided into 12 groups before they were driven from the Peloponnese.

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1.146 It's not because those 12 were any more Ionian or more noble than the others. After all, there was a lot of mixing of populations.

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1.147 But let's just say that the Ionians in Asia are purebred Ionians. (Though anyone of Athenian stock who keeps the Apaturia is Ionian.)

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1.148 The Panionium is a sacred place in Mycale (opposite Samos) where the Ionians congregate.

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1.149 Those are the Ionian cities. There are 11 Aeolian cities in Asia. There used to be a 12th, Smyrna, but they lost it to the Ionians.

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1.150 The Smyrnaeans once took in some Ionian fugitives who then seized the city. The Ionians kept Smyrna but gave back movable property.

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