Book 1

1.151 There are some Aeolian cities around Mt. Ida & on the islands, but it was these 11 Aeolian cities that agreed to act with the Ionians.

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1.152 The Ionian/Aeolian req. for help was refused, but the Spartans sent a guy to tell Cyrus they wouldn't allow him to harm a Greek city.

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1.153 Cyrus, unworried, threatened the Spartans in turn. Then he left Sardis in the hands of Tabalus & Pactyes & went w/Croesus to Ecbatana.

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1.154 But Pactyes, the Lydian in charge of Cyrus' treasury, soon revolted. He assembled an army and besieged Tabalus (a Persian) in Sardis.

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1.155 Cyrus wanted to enslave the Lydians as punishment, but Croesus suggested he instead issue edicts that would leave them effeminate.

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1.156 Croesus hoped thereby to save the Lydians. Cyrus was persuaded & issued orders to that effect, and he bid that Pactyes be taken alive.

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1.157 Pactyes fled to Cyme before the Persians arrived. Cyrus’ general gave orders to the Lydians re. new lifestyle & bid Cyme surrender P.

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1.158 An oracle advised that Cyme comply & surrender Pactyes, but Aristodicus distrusted it. He & others went to ask the god's advice again.

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1.159 The god again bid Cyme give up P. When pushed, he said he wanted the Cymaeans to be destroyed for impiety and to stop bugging him.

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1.160 Faced w/bad options the Cymaeans neither kept nor surrendered Pactyes but sent him off to Chios. The Chians handed him over to Persia.

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