Book 1

1.161 With Pactyes captured, Cyrus’ general Mazares attacked the cities that had taken part in the siege of Sardis. Then he got sick & died.

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1.162 Harpagus--whom Astyages had tricked into eating his own son--succeeded Mazares in command. He came to Ionia & took a bunch of cities.

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1.163 Harpagus first attacked Phocaea, which was surrounded by an expensive wall made of well-fitted stones.

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1.164 Harpagus besieged Phocaea, but the Phocaeans loaded their peeps & property into ships & sailed to Chios. Persia got the deserted city.

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1.165 Chios didn't work out so the Phocaeans set sail again, for Corsica. They stopped 1st in Phocaea & killed the guards Harpagus had left.

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1.166 They stayed in Corsica for years, but after a Pyrrhic victory against the Etruscans & Carthaginians, they set sail again, for Rhegium.

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1.167 The Etruscans stoned to death the crews of the ships the Phocaeans lost in battle. The rest of the Phocaeans founded a city in Italy.

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1.168 The Teians likewise fled their city when Harpagus attacked. They hightailed it to Thrace and founded Abdera.

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1.169 The other Ionians stayed put, fought Harpagus, and were enslaved. (Except for Miletus which, as I said, had a deal with Cyrus.)

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1.170 The Ionians convened and a wise man, Bias of Priene, suggested they all emigrate together to Sardinia. He didn't persuade them.

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