Book 1

1.171 Harpagus also marched against the Carians, who had emigrated from the islands long before (though they say they are indigenous).

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1.172 I say the Caunians are indigenous, though they say they're from Crete. They're like the Carians in their speech but not their customs.

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1.173 The Lycians, however, are from Crete. They're unusual in that they take their names and cite their ancestry from their mothers' side.

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1.174 So Harpagus enslaved the Carians. The Cnidians surrendered to him without a fight after an oracle more or less suggested they give up.

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1.175 The Pedasians held out longer than most against Harpagus. (The priestess of Athena there would grew a beard when trouble threatened.)

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1.176 Still, they were defeated, as were the Lycians: e.g., the Xanthians died to a man (after burning their wives/children/possessions).

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1.177 While Harpagus was busy in lower Asia, Cyrus was busy subduing the upper part.

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1.178 Cyrus attacked Assyria, the strongest city of which was Babylon--a great, walled, square city surrounded by a water-filled trench.

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1.179 The earth taken from the trench was baked into bricks which were used to build the walls, in which were set a hundred bronze gates.

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1.180 The Euphrates divides Babylon in half. The roads are straight, and those that run crosswise end at the river.

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