Book 1

1.181 The royal palace is in one half of the city & in the other are a temple of Zeus & 8 towers, one atop the other. The last has a temple.

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1.182 In that temple, the Chaldaeans say (though I don't believe it), the god himself comes and rests on a couch.

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1.183 There was also a fifteen-foot, solid gold statue in the sanctuary in Cyrus' day, but Xerxes later took it.

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1.184 Among Babylon's many sovereigns were two queens. The first was Semiramis, who ruled 5 generations before the second.

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1.185 The second queen, Nitocris, diverted the Euphrates River so that navigation into Babylon would be slowed.

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1.186 She also had a bridge built that connected the two halves of the city of Babylon.

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1.187 An inscription on her tomb said $ was inside if a future king needed it. Darius opened it but found only a msg berating him for greed.

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1.188 It was against Nitocris' son Labynetus that Cyrus made war. He invaded Assyria, bringing his own water with him on numerous wagons.

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1.189 One of Cyrus' sacred horses was carried away when they crossed the Gyndes. Cyrus punished the river by diverting it into 360 channels.

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1.190 In the spring Cyrus laid siege to Babylon. The Babylonians had stockpiled provisions, however, and weren't terribly inconvenienced.

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