Book 1

1.11 The next day she gave Gyges an ultimatum: kill the king and take his place or be killed himself. Unwilling again, he chose the former.

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1.12 That night he hid behind the same door, then killed Candaules in his sleep. Thus Gyges gained both the queen and the kingship of Lydia.

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1.13 The Delphic oracle confirmed Gyges in the kingship & added that vengeance would be exacted from his descendants in the 5th generation.

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1.14 Gyges sent many dedicatory offerings to Delphi, both gold and silver. He was the second of the barbarians to do so after King Midas.

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1.15 Gyges ruled Lydia for 38 years and was succeeded by his son Ardys.

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1.16 Ardys ruled for 49 years and was succeeded by his son Sadyattes, who ruled for 12. Sadyattes was succeeded by his son Alyattes.

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1.17 Alyattes attacked Miletus annually when the crops ripened. He destroyed them but nothing else so the enemy would return and sow anew.

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1.18 The Lydians waged war with Miletus in this way for eleven years.

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1.19 In year 12 a temple caught fire when the Lydians burnt the crops. Alyattes got sick, and the Delphic oracle bid him rebuild the temple.

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1.20 I got that from the Delphians. The Milesians say Periander of Corinth told Thrasybulus, the tyrant of Miletus, about Alyattes' oracle.

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