Book 1

1.191 Cyrus finally captured the city by diverting the Euphrates and thus lowering its water level. His men entered along the riverbed.

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1.192 The territory of Babylon is the most powerful of all Persian satrapies. It alone supports the king and his army for 1/3 of the year.

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1.193 Assyria doesn't get much rain, but the country is crisscrossed by canals, so that the land is irrigated with water from the river.

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1.194 After Babylon itself, the greatest thing in Assyria are the boats that go downstream only: they are deconstructed & returned overland.

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1.195 The people wear long hair and peaked caps. They carry staffs and perfume their whole bodies with myrrh.

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1.196 They used to hold annual auctions of marriageable girls: the prettiest brought the highest price; the ugliest came with biggest dowry.

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1.197 They crowdsource medical care: the sick go to the agora, and passers-by suggest remedies if they have experience of the same symptoms.

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1.198 They embalm their dead in honey, and burn incense and bathe after intercourse.

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1.199 Their worst custom is this: every woman must go once in her life to the temple and have sex with a stranger, whoever pays her first.

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1.200 These are the customs of the Babylonians, among whom there are three tribes that eat nothing but fish.

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