Book 1

1.201 After conquering Babylon, Cyrus decided to subdue the Massagetae, who live to the east, beyond the Araxes River.

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1.202 The Araxes River is said to have large islands in it the size of Lesbos. It empties into the Caspian Sea.

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1.203 The Caspian is landlocked and measures 15 days of rowing long by 8 wide. It's bordered on the west by the Caucasus Mountains.

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1.204 The Massagetae lived to the east of the Caspian. Cyrus wanted to attack them because his birth made him seem to be more than human.

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1.205 Cyrus tried to woo their widowed queen, Tomyris, but she saw through him. He then marched to the Araxes and began preparing to cross.

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1.206 Tomyris sent a herald to suggest they agree to fight in either her land or his--Cyrus' choice. His advisors wanted to fight in Persia.

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1.207 But Croesus urged him to take the war to Tomyris and to set a trap in her territory, using food and part of his army as bait.

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1.208 Cyrus took Croesus' advice & crossed into Tomyris' territory. He left Croesus and Persia itself in the care of his son Cambyses.

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1.209 Cyrus dreamt that a youth, Darius, was plotting against him. He bid Darius' father Hystaspes go to Persia & hold him for questioning.

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1.210 Hystaspes swore he would turn Darius over to Cyrus to do with as he wished.

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