Book 1

1.211 Cyrus set Croesus’ trap, using human bait. They killed or took prisoner 1/3 of the enemy army. Tomyris’ son Spargapises was captured.

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1.212 Tomyris derided Cyrus for his victory won by stealth. She warned him to surrender her son and withdraw or else.

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1.213 Cyrus ignored her. Spargapises asked his captors to unchain him. When he was free of his bonds, he killed himself.

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1.214 Cyrus died in the next battle fought against the Massagetae. Tomyris beheaded his corpse and put his head in a blood-filled wineskin.

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1.215 As for customs, the Massagetae live much like the Scythians. They use gold & bronze for their weapons, as they have no iron or silver.

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1.216 The Massagetae share their women. When they get old, their relatives kill and eat them (in a stew). The Massagetae also drink milk.

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