Book 1

1.21 Alyattes sent to Miletus re. a truce. Thrasybulus, forewarned by Periander, threw a party in the city as a show for Alyattes' herald.

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1.22 Thrasybulus' trick worked: Alyattes was told that food was plentiful in Miletus. He thus gave up the fight and allied with Thrasybulus.

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1.23 Periander was tyrant of Corinth when the great lyre player Arion was carried on the back of a dolphin to Taenarum.

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1.24 Arion set sail for Corinth from Italy but the sailors wanted to rob/kill him. Instead he sang & jumped overboard & a dolphin saved him.

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1.25 After recovering from his illness, Alyattes dedicated a mixing bowl to the god at Delphi. He died after ruling Lydia for 57 years.

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1.26 Alyattes was succeeded by his 35-year-old son Croesus. He attacked Ephesus 1st, then other Greek cities in Aeolia & Ionia (Asia Minor).

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1.27 Having subdued the Greeks in Asia, Croesus wanted to attack the islanders next. Dissuaded by wise counsel, he allied with them instead.

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1.28 Finally Croesus subdued almost all of those living west of the Halys River. Lydia's capital Sardis was now at the height of its power.

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1.29 Greek men of learning flocked to Sardis, among them Solon of Athens, who was traveling abroad for 10 yrs after enacting laws in Athens.

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1.30 Croesus asked Solon whom he considered the happiest man. Solon's reply: not Croesus, but the Athenian Tellus, who'd lived & died well.

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