Book 1

1.31 2nd happiest? Not Croesus, but Cleobis and Biton, who died after yoking themselves to a wagon and conveying their mother to a temple.

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1.32 Solon explained to his angry host: trouble may fall in any of the c. 26,250 days of one's life. CALL NO MAN BLESSED UNTIL HE IS DEAD.

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1.33 Croesus sent Solon away, thinking him stupid for disregarding the king's riches and for requiring that one always look to the end.

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1.34 Later Croesus dreamt a spear wd kill his son Atys (1 of 2; the other was deaf/dumb). He thus kept Atys home & put all the weapons away.

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1.35 Adrastus of Phrygia came seeking purification for accidentally killing his bro. Croesus purified him and welcomed Adrastus to his home.

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1.36 Mysians came to Croesus asking for help against a great boar that was ravaging their land. He agreed to send men out--but not Atys.

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1.37 Atys, worried he would seem cowardly, asked why he was barred from the hunt & from military actions. Let me go or explain! he demanded.

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1.38 Croesus said he wanted to save Atys from dying by spearpoint as his dream prophesied. Atys was his only son: the deaf one didn't count.

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1.39 Atys pointed out that boars don't carry spears. The boar hunt thus posed no danger to him, he said, and he should be allowed to go.

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1.40 Good point! Croesus said. I've changed my mind: you can go on the hunt.

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