Book 1

1.41 But since the hunting party might be set upon by robbers, Croesus asked Adrastus, whom he had purified, to go along as Atys’ guardian.

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1.42 Though hesitant bc he felt himself tainted, Adrastus agreed: as far as he was concerned Atys would return home from the hunt unscathed.

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1.43 They found the boar & threw their spears & Adrastus missed but hit Atys, killing him as per the prophecy. Someone ran to tell Croesus.

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1.44 Mad with grief, Croesus called upon Zeus to witness what he'd suffered from Adrastus, whom he had purified and welcomed into his home.

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1.45 Yet he was moved to pity when Adrastus asked to be killed. C. refused, but A., when all was quiet, cut his throat over the son's grave.

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1.46 2 yrs on Cyrus' defeat of Astyages of Medea alarmed Croesus. He decided to test the oracles & ask some of them if he shd attack Persia.

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1.47 Croesus sent messengers to ask the oracles what he was doing at a particular time. The god at Delphi said he was making a stew.

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1.48 Croesus' men returned with the various responses & he was pleased with the one from Delphi: he had indeed been stewing tortoise & lamb.

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1.49 Croesus also thought the response from the oracle at Amphiaraus was true, but I cannot say what it was: there is no record of it.

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1.50 By way of propitiating the god, Croesus sacrificed 1000s of animals & got a bunch of stuff (gold ingots, etc.) ready to send to Delphi.

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