Book 1

1.51 He sent that off and more besides--mixing bowls, silver jars, necklaces, and a gold statue of his baker.

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1.52 Croesus also sent dedications to Amphiaraus--a shield & spear made of solid gold. In my day these were in the Theban temple of Apollo.

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1.53 Croesus asked the oracles if he shd attack Persia & procure allies. Answer: IF YOU ATTACK YOU'LL DESTROY A MIGHTY EMPIRE. Allies? Yes.

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1.54 The prophecy pleased Croesus: he assumed it meant he’d defeat Persia. He sent gifts to Delphi & was rewarded in turn w/various perks.

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1.55 Croesus posed a 3rd question to the god: wd his monarchy last long? The response: when a mule becomes king of the Medes, RUN AWAY!

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 1.56 Again Croesus was pleased, as a mule king seemed unlikely. He decided next to seek alliance w/the strongest Greeks, Sparta & Athens.

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1.57 (I believe the Pelasgians, who originally inhabited Attica, spoke a non-Greek lang. & began speaking Greek when they became Hellenes.

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1.58 The Hellenes, however--who settled in the Peloponnese--always spoke Greek.)

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1.59 Croesus learned that Pisistratus was then tyrant in Athens. He had 1st come to power during a period of factional dispute.

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1.60 He was soon driven out, but he returned to power after allying with rival faction leader Megacles, whose daughter he agreed to marry.

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