Book 1

1.61 Pisistratus didn't want kids by his new wife, so he didn't have conventional sex w/her. Megacles found out & P. left Athens a 2nd time.

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1.62 Ten years later Pisistratus and his sons returned. They seized Marathon, gathered supporters, and marched on Athens.

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1.63 Pisistratus' men routed the Athenians. Lest those in flight regroup, his sons pursued on horseback & told them to go to their homes.

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1.64 Thus Pisistratus gained power in Athens for the 3rd time & established himself securely. Megacles' clan, the Alcmaeonidae, fled Athens.

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1.65 Croesus learned that Sparta had 1. instituted good laws/new military system under the direction of Lycurgus & 2. defeated the Tegeans.

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1.66 Sparta had 1st attacked Tegea after an oracle suggested they would enslave it. But they'd misinterpreted the prophecy & were defeated.

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1.67 They did not defeat Tegea until Lichas, a Spartan, found the bones of Orestes: an oracle said bringing them home would bring victory.

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1.68 Lichas correctly interpreted a cryptic prophecy re. the location of the bones & brought them to Sparta. Sparta subsequently beat Tegea.

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1.69 Having made his inquiries re. Athens and Sparta, Croesus sent messengers to the latter to request an alliance. The Spartans agreed.

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1.70 The Spartans sent a mixing bowl to Croesus as a gift, but it was either stolen by Samians en route or sold in Samos by the couriers.

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