Book 1

1.71 Because of the oracle he'd received, Croesus thought he'd destroy Persia. He wasn't persuaded when an advisor urged him not to attack.

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1.72 The Halys River formed the boundary between Lydia (Croesus' kingdom) and Persia. Cappadocia lay on the Persian side of the river.

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1.73 Croesus invaded Persia to avenge bro-in-law Astyages. A's marriage to C's sis came about after some Scythians fed A's dad human stew.

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1.74 The Scythians fled to Lydia, whose king wouldn't give them up. Lydia & Medea went to war but finally sealed a peace w/marital alliance.

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1.75 The Medean groom was Astyages, whom Cyrus had now subjugated. Croesus' army crossed the Halys, either on bridges or by diverting river.

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1.76 Croesus invaded Cappadocia, laying it waste and enslaving people. Cyrus confronted him and they fought a fierce but indecisive battle.

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1.77 The next day Croesus withdrew intending to winter in Sardis, collect a larger army & re-invade in spring. He sent his mercenaries away.

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1.78 But lo! Snakes filled the city & were eaten by horses--a sign, diviners warned (too late), signifying an impending invasion by aliens.

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1.79 Cyrus, expecting Croesus to disband his army, crossed the Halys & marched on Sardis. Croesus led his Lydian army out, sans mercenaries.

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1.80 Cyrus ordered that Croesus be spared & per Harpagus' advice used camels to stymie Lydian horse. The Persians won & laid siege to city.

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