Book 1

1.81 Croesus sent messengers to ask his allies to send help at once, since Sardis was under siege.

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1.82 Among those to whom Croesus sent were the Spartans, who had recently fought Argos over the territory of Thyreae. (The Spartans won.)

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1.83 The Spartans prepared to help Croesus, but before they could launch their ships word came that Sardis had fallen & Croesus was captive.

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1.84 Sardis was taken after one of Cyrus' soldiers discovered where the city's seemingly impregnable citadel could be climbed.

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1.85 Croesus was almost killed, but he was saved by his previously dumb son's 1st words--spoken, as an oracle had warned, on a luckless day.

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1.86 Still, Cyrus meant to burn him. Facing death, Croesus finally got Solon's wisdom & told Cyrus, who changed his mind re. the immolation.

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1.87 Some say Apollo doused the fire when Cyrus' men couldn't. Cyrus then asked Croesus why he'd invaded: Croesus blamed the Delphic oracle.

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1.88 Cyrus freed Croesus & gazed at him. After a time Croesus advised him to stop his men from plundering Sardis as it was now his property.

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1.89 Cyrus dismissed his peeps & asked Croesus what he suggested be done re. the pillagers. Croesus advised he confiscate pilfered property.

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1.90 Cyrus was pleased with Croesus' words & bid him name a reward. Croesus wanted to send to Delphi so as to rebuke Apollo for his oracle.

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