Book 2

2.1 Cambyses succeeded his father as king. He invaded Egypt with an army composed of his various subjects, inc. the Greeks of Asia Minor.

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2.2 The Egyptians used to think they were the oldest of men, but their king Psammetichus disproved this by experimenting on newborns.

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2.3 I heard this story re. Psammetichus from priests in Memphis. I also went to Thebes and Heliopolis to hear what people there had to say.

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2.4 The Egyptians invented the year & 12 30-day months (+ 5 additional days). Their 1st king was Min. In his day Egypt was mostly marsh.

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2.5 I believe it, because it is clear when you travel there that Egypt is a gift of the river.

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2.6 The Egyptian coastline is 60 schoeni long [about 397 miles].

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2.7 From the coast inland to Heliopolis [at the apex of the Nile delta] is 165 miles.

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2.8 South of Heliopolis Egypt is narrow, flat land bordered by mountains to the east and west. Beyond these the land widens again.

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2.9 It's 9 days by boat from Heliopolis south to Thebes (517 miles), and another 200 miles from Thebes to Elephantine.

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2.10 Much of Egypt is an alluvial deposit. I think the land north of Memphis was once a gulf, now silted up. The Nile is huge with 5 mouths.

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