Book 2

2.91 The Egyptians avoid following Greek customs, although in Chemmis they honor Perseus. His ancestors, they say, came from their city.

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2.92 The Egyptians who live in the marshes make bread out of lotuses, and they eat papyrus and the fruit of lilies. Also dried fish.

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2.93 Certain fish migrate at breeding time, the males leading. They shed their seed en route & the females swallow it & so become pregnant.

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2.94 The Egyptians use oil made from the fruit of the castor bean. It can be used in lamps, like olive oil, but it smells bad.

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2.95 Egypt has lots of mosquitoes. South of the marshes ppl sleep in towers to avoid them. In the marshes they use mosquito netting.

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2.96 The Egyptians make boats from acacia wood, with sails of papyrus. They sail downstream but usually have to be towed upstream.

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2.97 When the Nile floods you can sail across Egypt's plains and right by the pyramids themselves. One city you'll pass by is Anthylla.

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2.98 Anthylla is noteworthy because the city is obliged to provide shoes for the wife of the reigning king of Egypt.

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2.99 Min, the first king of Egypt, dammed up the river south of what is now Memphis, which he then founded after the land had dried out.

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2.100 After Min there were 330 sovereigns. Nitocris ruled after her bro was killed. She drowned those responsible in a custom-built chamber.

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