Book 2

2.101 Most of the kings didn't do anything special, but Moeris built a lake and some pyramids and a propylaea near the temple of Hephaestus.

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2.102 Sesotris ruled after all those 330. He conquered people along the Indian Ocean by sea, & on land he conquered people throughout Asia.

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2.103 He also conquered the Thracians & Scythians in Europe. Some of the men with him settled near the Phasis River [east of the Black Sea].

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2.104 The Colchians (who live in that area) are descended from them. My evidence: like the Egyptians, the Colchians practice circumcision.

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2.105 Another proof is that the Colchians work their linen like the Egyptians do, and their lifestyle and language are also similar.

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2.106 Most of the pillars Sesostris set up to mark his conquests no longer survive. But there are two statues of him in Ionia.

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2.107 When Sesotris returned from his conquests his brother tried to burn him and his family alive, but most of them survived.

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2.108 Sesostris took vengeance on his brother, then set his captives to work dragging rocks and digging the canals that now irrigate Egypt.

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2.109 Sesostris divided the land up equally among the Egyptians, and assessed annual taxes based on these allotments.

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2.110 Sesostris also ruled Ethiopia. He set up 45-ft statues of himself & his wife & 30-ft ones of his kids before the temple of Hephaestus.

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