Book 2

2.111 S's son Pheros went blind after spearing a river. He was cured by washing his eyes in the urine of a virtuous woman (not Mrs. Pheros).

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2.112 After Pheros came Proteus. In his precinct in Memphis there's a shrine to the Foreign Aphrodite. I think this refers to Helen of Troy.

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2.113 There's a story that Helen and Paris landed in Egypt en route to Troy. Paris' lackeys told the Egyptians he'd stolen Helen from hubby.

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2.114 They told their king, Proteus, who ordered that Paris be arrested and brought to him.

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2.115 Proteus rebuked Paris for stealing Helen & said he'd keep her in Egypt until her husband came. Paris had 3 days to leave the country.

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2.116 I think Homer knew of this version of the Helen story. He opted not to use it, but he alludes to Paris' "wandering" in his epics.

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2.117 These references prove that the Cypria was not composed by Homer: it says Paris went from Sparta to Troy in 2 days, with no straying.

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2.118 The priests said they knew the story from Menelaus himself. After Troy fell, when Helen wasn’t there, he came to Egypt to get her.

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2.119 Menelaus got Helen back but was delayed in Egypt by contrary winds. He sacrificed 2 native kids to appease the winds, then sailed off.

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2.120 I believe the Egyptians: if Helen had been in Troy Priam would have handed her over to the Greeks. She wasn't worth the price of war.

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