Book 2

2.121 A wily thief tricked the Egyptian king Rhampsinitus repeatedly, e.g., stealing from a locked room, and won the hand of the princess.

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2.122 Rhampsinitus later descended alive to Hades & played dice w/Demeter, then came back up. The Egyptians have a festival celebrating it.

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2.123 Believe what you will. My policy is to record what I've heard. The Egyptians think the soul experiences a 3000-year cycle of rebirths.

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2.124 Cheops was the 1st bad Egyptian king. He shut up the temples and worked the people like dogs, making them build a road and a pyramid.

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2.125 The pyramid was built like steps, the stones lifted w/levers to the upper tiers. If I remember right, it cost 1600 talents to build.

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2.126 Cheops prostituted his daughter in order to help pay for it.

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2.127 Cheops reigned for 50 years and was succeeded by his brother Chephren. He built a pyramid too, but it was smaller than his brother's.

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2.128 Cheops and Chephren ruled for 106 yrs combined. During that time the temples were closed & the Egyptians suffered all manner of evils.

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2.129 Cheops' son Mycerinus was just. He let the people worship freely. When his only child died he buried her in a hollowed-out wooden cow.

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2.130 The cow is in a chamber in the royal palace at Saïs. In another room there are twenty statues of naked women, Mycerinus' concubines.

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