Book 2

2.131 Some say M. raped his daughter & she hanged herself & that the statues have no hands because the girls’ hands were cut off. Nonsense!

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2.132 The cow is brought outside every year: they say that the girl begged Mycerinus when she was dying that she see the sun once a year.

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2.133 Mycerinus received an oracle saying he would die in 6 yrs. He therefore stayed up night & day, reveling, to turn the 6 years into 12.

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2.134 Mycerinus left a pyramid that some think was built by the courtesan Rhodopis. They're wrong. She, btw, was a fellow slave of Aesop.

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2.135 Rhodopis was very skilled sexually. She came to Egypt from Samos. Her freedom was bought by Charaxus, the brother of the poet Sappho.

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2.136 After Mycerinus came Asuchis. In his time there was a law that one could take out a loan on the security of one's father's corpse.

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2.137 During the reign of the next king, Anysis, the Ethiopians invaded & ruled Egypt for 50 yrs. There is a remarkable temple in Bubastis.

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2.138 The temple is almost on an island, as two channels of the river pass by it. It's got a grand propylaea and a grove planted around it.

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2.139 The Ethiopians left Egypt because their king had a troubling dream and because the oracles had said he would rule for 50 years only.

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2.140 After the Ethiopians left Anysis (who was blind) ruled again. He'd been living on an island a little over a mile square all this time.

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