Book 2

2.141 Sethos came next. During his reign the Arabians and Assyrians attacked. They were defeated by mice, who ate their weapons and shields.

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2.142 From the 1st king to Sethos was 11,340 yrs during which time the sun rose & set backwards 4 times & nothing changed for the Egyptians.

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2.143 Each Egyptian high priest sets up an image of himself in Thebes. I was shown 345 images. The priesthood passes from father to son.

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2.144 These rulers were men, but before them gods ruled Egypt. The last god to rule was Horus (our Apollo), the son of Osiris (Dionysus).

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2.145 Pan is the oldest Egyptian god. Dionysus is younger, but still 15,000 yrs before Amasis. But our Dionysus was 1600 yrs before my time.

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2.146 It's clear that the Greeks learned of Pan & Dionysus after they'd learned of the other gods, and gave that date as their birthdates.

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2.147 After Sethos the Egyptians divided Egypt into 12 provinces & set up 12 kings who were to be allies, bound by marriage alliances.

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2.148 These 12 made a labyrinth as a memorial. I've seen it: it surpasses the pyramids & all the Greeks' buildings combined in magnificence.

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2.149 Even more impressive is the man-made Lake Moeris, 420 miles in perimeter. Its water comes from the Nile. There are two pyramids in it.

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2.150 The soil that was dug up when the lake was dug was dumped in the Nile & thus carried away. (I asked, as I hadn't seen it mounded up.)

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