Book 2

2.151 Everything was fine until 1 of the 12, Psammetichus, was driven out by the rest because an oracle prophesied he'd rule Egypt alone.

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2.152 Another oracle said he would be helped by men of bronze coming from the sea, & he was: bronze-armored pirates helped him regain power.

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2.153 Psammetichus came to power and built a court for the bull god Apis, where he is kept when he appears. (The Greeks call Apis Epaphus.)

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2.154 Psammetichus settled the Ionian & Carian pirates who had helped him in Egypt. Egyptian children learned Greek from them.

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2.155 So much for Psammetichus. There’s an oracle at Buto in Egypt. I saw there a temple made of a single stone, each wall 60 x 60 ft.

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2.156 In the shrine at Buto there is a floating island in a lake where the goddess Leto lived. She hid Apollo there to save him from Typhon.

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2.157 Psammetichus was king for 54 yrs. He besieged Azotus in Syria for 29 yrs--to my knowledge the longest siege ever endured by a city.

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2.158 Psammetichus' son Necos ruled next. He began digging a canal between Bubastis in the Delta & the Red Sea. 120,000 men died digging it.

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2.159 Necos ruled for sixteen years, after which the kingship passed to his son Psammis.

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2.160 Eleans came and bragged to Psammis about how just the Olympics were. Psammis said they wouldn't be impartial if foreigners competed.

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