Book 2

2.161 Psammis ruled for 6 years and was succeeded by Apries, who ruled for 25. The Egyptians revolted after his expedition against Cyrene.

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2.162 Apries sent (the flatulent) Amasis to talk w/rebels. They made him their king. Revolt spread after Apries mutilated a new messenger.

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2.163 Apries led an army of 30,000 Carian and Ionian mercenaries against the rebels. The two sides met at the city of Momemphis.

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2.164 There are 7 classes among the Egyptians: priests, warriors (2 types), cowherds, swineherds, shopkeepers, interpreters, and helmsmen.

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2.165 There were up to 160,000 Hermotybies, one of the warrior classes. Their positions were hereditary & they never learned another trade.

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2.166 The other warriors, the Calasiries, numbered up to 250,000. They too practiced warfare exclusively & inherited their military careers.

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2.167 I don’t know if they learned it from the Egyptians, but the Greeks (particularly the Spartans) also tend 2 hold craftsmen in contempt.

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2.168 The Egyptian warriors had perks, e.g., a tax-free plot of land; & those who served as the king's bodyguard also got a food allowance.

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2.169 Anyway, they fought at Momemphis and the rebels won. Apries was captured. Eventually the Egyptians killed him and buried him in Saïs.

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2.170 He Who Must Not be Named [okay, Osiris] is also buried in Saïs. In the sacred precinct there there's a round lake.

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