Book 2

2.171 They celebrate the Mysteries on the lake, a religious thing. I know more but won't speak of the details (ditto for the Thesmophoria).

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2.172 Amasis became king after Apries was defeated. The Egyptians scorned him at first because of his low origins, but they came around.

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2.173 Amasis worked mornings, then relaxed. Some told him this made him look less royal. He explained his “All work & no play…” philosophy.

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2.174 In his pre-king days, Amasis liked to joke around & drink. He was not above stealing if the supplies ran out. Sometimes he was caught.

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2.175 The most impressive of Amasis’ projects was a monolithic chamber 32 x 21 x 12 feet. It took 3 yrs to get it from Elephantine to Saïs.

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2.176 Plus he dedicated big statues at temples in Memphis and Saïs, and he built the temple of Isis in Memphis.

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2.177 Egypt was prosperous under Amasis. He's the guy who decreed that every Egyptian had to declare his means of livelihood annually.

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2.178 Amasis was a Hellenophile. He showed this by, for example, giving the city of Naucratis to the Greeks who came to Egypt.

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2.179 In the old days Naucratis was Egypt's only port. Anyone who sailed into another mouth of the Nile had to swear he hadn't intended to.

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2.180 Amasis contributed 1000 talents of alum, and the Greeks in Egypt 1/3 talent of silver, toward the building of the temple at Delphi.

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