Book 2

2.11 If the Nile flowed into the Red Sea, I expect it would be silted up in 10,000 yrs. I think Egypt was once a gulf like the Red Sea.

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2.12 Other evidence suggests the same thing: there are seashells on the mountains, and Egypt's soil appears to be silt from Ethiopia.

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2.13 Further, some 900 years ago the area north of Memphis used to be flooded if the river rose 12 ft. Now it has to rise 24 feet to flood.

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2.14 If the land north of Memphis continues to increase in elevation, the river will not flood the Egyptians' fields, and they will starve.

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2.15 The Ionians are wrong to say Egypt is just the delta. The delta is an alluvial deposit. The Egyptians existed before it & moved to it.

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2.16 They also say the Nile separates Asia from Libya. If so, the Nile delta is in neither, as the river flows around it.

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2.17 But enough of the Ionians. My own opinion is that "Egypt" is all of the land that is inhabited by the Egyptians.

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2.18 Besides, the oracle of Ammon has said that Egypt is all the land that is irrigated by the Nile.

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2.19 I was unable to learn from the Egyptians why the river floods for 100 days beginning (unlike other rivers) on the summer solstice.

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2.20 The Greeks have advanced 3 explanations for the Nile's behavior. The 1st 2 are stupid. No. 1. The Etesian winds cause the flooding.

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