Book 2

2.21 No. 2. The Nile floods because it comes from the Ocean, which flows around the whole world.

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2.22 No. 3. It floods bc it comes from melting snow. This seems plausible but it's wrong: the Nile flows from the hottest places on Earth!

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2.23 The Ocean theory can't be disproved, but I, at least, have no knowledge that Ocean exists. I think Homer made it up.

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2.24 Here's why I think the Nile floods in the summer: in the winter, the sun travels to the sky over Libya, dehydrating its rivers.

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2.25 Later the sun returns to its normal path. Unlike other rivers, which are augmented by seasonal rain, the Nile loses H20 in the winter.

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2.26 The sun also causes Egypt's dryness. If the seasons & north/south switched places, the same thing would happen to the Ister in Europe.

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2.27 Wind doesn't blow from the river because, I think, breezes don't naturally come from extremely hot places.

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2.28 No one knew about the Nile's source except a guy in Saïs, who said it comes from a bottomless spring somewhere north of Elephantine.

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2.29 I went as far south as Elephantine & learned from others what is beyond it: it takes 56 days to travel from there to Meroe in Ethiopia.

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2.30 It’s another 56 days from Meroe to the land of the Deserters, named after some Egyptians who left Ethiopia during Psammetichus’ reign.

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