Book 2

2.31 It takes 4 months to travel from Elephantine to the Deserters. Beyond that, no one knows, as it's all desert.

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2.32 But some people from Cyrene said they'd heard of youths who had traveled inland very far and been captured by small, black-skinned men.

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2.33 The youths reportedly returned home safely. The Nile, I suspect, must be as long as the Ister, which cuts Europe in two.

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2.34 But more is known about the Ister, as it flows through inhabited territory while the Nile flows through desert.

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2.35 Egypt has more wonders in it than any other place & the Egyptians' customs are the opposite of others'. Women urinate standing up, e.g.

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2.36 Likewise, they knead bread with their feet and mud with their hands. They write from right to left. They circumcise males.

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2.37 They're extreme in their reverence for the gods. Priests shave their entire bodies every other day and keep clean otherwise as well.

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2.38 Bulls are thought to belong to Epaphus & are examined to insure they are pure, in markings etc. Only pure bulls can be sacrificed.

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2.39 They sacrifice it by cutting its throat. The body is flayed but the head is cut off & disposed of, as they will not eat animal heads.

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2.40 Sacrificial victims are disemboweled in various ways. In some cases the animal is stuffed with bread & spices & honey and then burned.

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