Book 2

2.41 Cows are sacred to Isis and cannot be sacrificed. An Egyptian won't even kiss a Greek on the mouth because Greeks eat cows.

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2.42 Some Egyptians won't sacrifice sheep, others goats: the Egyptians don't all worship the same gods (except all worship Isis and Osiris).

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2.43 The Greeks, I believe, got the name of their Hera-cles from the Egyptians. One of the Egyptians’ Twelve Gods is named Heracles.

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2.44 I visited temples of Heracles in both Tyre and Thasos, and these pre-dated by a lot the birth of the Greeks' Heracles.

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2.45 The Greeks have a story that the Egyptians were going to sacrifice their Heracles when he up and killed them all. But this is nonsense.

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2.46 They worship goats in the province of Mendes. In my day something awful went on there: a he-goat mounted a woman in a public display.

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2.47 The Egyptians consider pigs unclean and will only sacrifice them to the Moon and Dionysus. Swineherds have to keep to themselves.

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2.48 They sacrifice pigs for the festival of Dionysus. They also carry around marionettes with huge penises that move up and down.

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2.49 I think the Greeks adopted these Dionysiac rites from Egypt, which explains why the Greek and Egyptian practices are so similar.

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2.50 The names of almost all of the Greeks' gods came from the Egyptians. One exception is Poseidon, who came from the Libyans.

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