Book 2

2.51 But the Greeks learned to make Hermes statues with erect penises not from the Egyptians but from the Pelasgians.

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2.52 The oracle at Dodona bid the Pelasgians to adopt the Egyptians' names for the gods. The Greeks later got the names from the Pelasgians.

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2.53 But we haven't long known the gods' stories, as Homer & Hesiod--who wrote c. 400 years before my time--gave the Greeks their theogony.

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2.54 Egyptian priests told me that two women, taken from Thebes, were sold & became the 1st priestesses at the oracles in Greece and Libya.

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2.55 But the priestesses of Dodona say that 2 black doves flew from Thebes to Libya & Dodona and bid oracles be established in both places.

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2.56 I think two women were sold to Libya and Greece. The latter built a shrine to Zeus and, after learning Greek, a place of prophecy.

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2.57 The Dodonaeans called the women “doves” due to their barbaric speech, & the story arose that real birds bid the oracles be established.

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2.58 The Greeks adopted a bunch of religious practices from the Egyptians--processions and public festivals and so on.

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2.59 The Egyptians hold festivals frequently. The top 6 in order of popularity are at Bubastis, Busiris, Saïs, Heliopolis, Buto, & Papremis.

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2.60 When they sail to Bubastis they shout obscenities & mock & flash people on the shore. Once arrived, they drink and conduct sacrifices.

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