Book 2

2.61 After the sacrifices in Busiris they beat their breasts in lament. But it wouldn't be right for me to tell you whom they're lamenting.

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2.62 The festival celebrated in Saïs is the Festival of the Lamps, and everyone lets lamps burn around their houses during the night.

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2.63 In Heliopolis & Buto they just perform sacrifices. But in Papremis the festival of Ares involves people hitting one another with clubs.

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2.64 Egyptians are scrupulous about some things. They won't have sex in holy places or enter a shrine after sex unless they've washed first.

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2.65 The Egyptians don't have a lot of animals, but they consider the ones they do have sacred. Killing an animal can be punished by death.

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2.66 Cats are a big deal. When a cat dies of natural causes, its people shave their eyebrows; for a dog they shave their heads and bodies.

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2.67 Dead cats are mummified and buried in Bubastis, whereas dogs are buried in sacred tombs in their own cities.

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2.68 The crocodile is a 4-legged, egg-laying creature that lives on land & in the sea. It enjoys a symbiotic relationship w/the sandpiper.

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2.69 For some Egyptians, crocodiles are sacred, for some not. The Thebans have a tame, sacred croc that they spoil & decorate with jewelry.

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2.70 The Egyptians hunt crocodiles using pigs as bait. When they've hooked one and hauled it in, they smear its eyes with mud and subdue it.

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