Book 2

2.71 Hippopotamuses are snub-nosed, cloven-hooved, four-footed pachyderms. They're as big as the biggest oxen.

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2.72 There are otters in the river. Some consider them sacred. Eels and the lepidotus are sacred among fish, the fox-goose among birds.

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2.73 Another sacred bird is the phoenix. They say that it comes once in 500 years and that it carries its father's corpse to Helios' shrine.

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2.74 And in Thebes there are small, horned snakes, harmless to man, that are sacred to Zeus. They are buried in Zeus' shrine when they die.

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2.75 It's said that winged serpents fly to Egypt every spring, but they're killed by ibises. I've seen the snakes' bones lying in heaps.

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2.76 The snake-killing ibises are black, others mostly white. The snakes' wings are like bats'. And that's it for Egypt's sacred animals!

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2.77 The Egyptians, who are the 2nd most healthy people of all (after the Libyans), purge themselves for 3 days every month with emetics.

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2.78 After fancy dinner parties a guy carries around a wooden statue of a corpse & reminds the guests that they'll all be dead one day too.

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2.79 The Egyptians are faithful to their ancestral customs. They sing a song that honors the only son of their 1st king, who died untimely.

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2.80 They share this custom with the Spartans: young men yield the road to their elders and get up from their seats when old men approach.

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