Book 2

2.81 They wear linen tunics with wool cloaks, but they can't bring wool into a temple or be buried in it, as it's against their religion.

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2.82 They believe that your day of birth determines your destiny, and they keep track of any portents that occur and note their outcomes.

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2.83 There are a number of oracles in Egypt, each practicing different methods of divination. The most revered is Leto's oracle in Buto.

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2.84 Egypt is full of doctors, all specialists. There are doctors for the eyes, head, teeth, & belly, & for diseases w/o physical symptoms.

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2.85 When a respected family member dies, the women cover their faces with mud and walk around the city with their breasts showing.

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2.86 Professional embalmers offer 3 levels of service. The most expensive involves extracting the corpse's brain through its nostrils.

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2.87 With the next plan the brain is left intact, but a viscera-dissolving solution is injected into the corpse via the anus.

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2.88 The cheapest method involves purging the belly of its contents and embalming it in natron for 70 days.

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2.89 The corpses of beautiful or important women are brought to be embalmed only after a few days to decrease the likelihood of necrophilia.

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2.90 Anyone who was killed by a crocodile or whose death is somehow caused by the river is buried in a holy coffin and with special rites.

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