Book 3

3.1 Cambyses invaded Egypt bc Amasis sent him the wrong girl as a bride. But actually Cambyses’ ophthalmologist was behind the whole thing.

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3.2 So the Persians say. The Egyptians say Cambyses was the grandson of Apries. Not true: he was Cyrus' son by a Persian woman, Cassandane.

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3.3 I doubt a 3rd story told, that as a boy Cambyses promised his mother he would one day make Egypt's bottom its top & its top its bottom.

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3.4 One of Amasis' bodyguards, Phanes, deserted Egypt and made his way to Persia. He gave Cambyses advice about how to cross the desert.

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3.5 The only land route into Egypt is through the desert.

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3.6 The Egyptians import wine from Greece & Phoenicia, but you won't see any empty jars around: they're filled w/water & sent to the desert.

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3.7 That was later; in Cambyses' day there was no water in the desert. Cambyses asked the Arabian king for safe conduct through his country.

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3.8 Arabian pledge-giving involves cutting the palms of the two involved parties and smearing seven stones with their blood.

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3.9 Per their agreement the Arabian king contrived to have camel skins of water waiting in the desert for Cambyses.

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3.10 Amasis' son Psammenitus waited for Cambyses' attack. Amasis, by the way, had died by this time. He had ruled Egypt for 44 years.

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