Book 3

3.101 The Indians I've mentioned have sex out in the open, like animals. Their semen (like that of Ethiopians) is black rather than white.

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3.102 Some of the Indians go out on camels to collect gold, which is dug up by giant ants--they're bigger than foxes, smaller than dogs.

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3.103 (Camels, by the way, have 4 thighs & 4 knees on their hind legs. Their genitals are between their legs, but pointing toward the tail.)

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3.104 The Indians are afraid of the ants, & they go for the gold at the hottest time of day (early morning), when the ants are below ground.

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3.105 They fill their bags w/gold & get out quickly, for the ants smell them & give chase. If the men aren't fast the ants could kill them.

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3.106 The most distant lands have the nicest stuff. India, for example, has really big animals (4-footed & winged)--except for their horses.

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3.107 In Arabia they have cassia, cinnamon, and frankincense. The frankincense is guarded by those winged snakes I mentioned [at 2.75].

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3.108 There aren't as many of these snakes as there might be: cowardly, edible creatures (e.g., hares) are prolific while predators are not.

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3.109 In the case of the winged snakes, females kill males during intercourse, & the babies are born only after eating their mother's womb.

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3.110 The Arabians cover their body and faces with leather to collect cassia: pugnacious bat-like creatures live near the ponds it grows in.

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