Book 3

3.111 They collect cinnamon sticks from birds' nests--after tricking the birds into making the nests so heavy they fall to the ground.

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3.112 The Arabians burn  gum-labdanum as incense. They find it growing in the beards of he-goats.

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3.113 There are strange sheep in Arabia. Some have tails 4.5 feet long. The men put carts behind them so the tails don't drag on the ground.

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3.114 Ethiopia, farthest to the southwest of inhabited lands, has gold & elephants. Its men are the tallest, longest lived, & most handsome.

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3.115 I can't say anything certain about the limits of the world to the west. I do not know, e.g., whether there is a sea beyond Europe.

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3.116 There is a lot of gold in northern Europe, which they say one-eyed men steal from griffins. But I don't believe that such men exist.

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3.117 The Persian king dammed up a river that once ran through five nations. He opens the gates to irrigate their countries now for a price.

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3.118 Intaphrenes, 1 of the 7 conspirators, went to see Darius but was told he was w/a woman. Suspecting a lie he mutilated the gatekeepers.

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3.119 They told Darius, who arrested Intaphrenes & his male kinsmen. But at the request of I's wife, Darius released 1 of them--her brother.

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3.120 The satrap of Sardis, Oroetes, decided to kill Polycrates of Samos, some say because he'd been mocked for not capturing the island.

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