Book 3

3.131 Democedes was a Greek from Croton. He'd been Polycrates' doctor and a free man, but Oroetes enslaved him after killing Polycrates.

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3.132 Democedes had everything he could want--a place at the royal table, a huge house, influence at court--except a ticket back to Greece.

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3.133 Darius' wife Atossa consulted Democedes about a growth on her breast. He said he'd cure her but made her swear she'd do him a favor.

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3.134 Atossa, cured, did as instructed: she suggested to Darius that he invade Greece. He decided to send out spies with Democedes as guide.

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3.135 The next day Darius sent 15 men off to Greece with Democedes. He bid them at all costs to bring the doctor back to Persia afterwards.

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3.136 After surveying Greece they went to Tarentum, whose king arrested Darius' men. They were released after Democedes ran off to Croton.

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3.137 The Persians found Democedes in Croton but were prevented from taking him by his countrymen. They sailed off to Asia without him.

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3.138 The Persians, tho, were shipwrecked off Italy and enslaved before they returned home. They were the 1st Persians to come to Greece.

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3.139 Later Darius captured Samos. It all started before D. was king, when a stranger, Polycrates' bro Syloson, gave him a cloak as a gift.

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3.140 When Syloson heard Darius was king, he came & asked for a favor, that D. restore him to the tyranny of Samos (w/o causing bloodshed).

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