Book 3

3.141 Darius sent an expedition off to Samos under the command of Otanes (one of the 7 conspirators). He was to do whatever Syloson wanted.

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3.142 Maeandrius, Polycrates' old secretary, was tyrant in Samos. He had wanted to democratize the govt. & said so in a speech to his peeps.

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3.143 The crowd's reaction made him realize it wouldn't work. He remained tyrant and arrested a bunch of ppl. They were subsequently killed.

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3.144 When the Persians came to restore Syloson to the tyranny, there was no resistance. Maeandrius agreed to terms & was ready to evacuate.

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3.145 But Maeandrius had a half-crazy brother named Charilaus. He asked Maeandrius to give him an army so he could take on the Persians.

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3.146 Maeandrius gave his bro an army & left Samos. The Samians attacked the unsuspecting Persians but were driven back into their citadel.

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3.147 Otanes, forgetting his orders to take Samos w/o bloodshed, bid the Persians kill everyone they met, even kids, even in sacred places.

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3.148 Maeandrius left Samos & went to Sparta, where he tried to bribe Sparta's king Cleomenes. Instead, Cleomenes kicked him out of Sparta.

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3.149 The Persians combed Samos thoroughly for inhabitants and gave it to Syloson entirely empty of people. Later Otanes helped resettle it.

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3.150 Babylon revolted from Persia. In preparation for a siege, they selected some women to keep or send away, and they strangled the rest.

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