Book 3

3.151 Darius laid siege, and the Babylonians mocked him from their walls. "You'll take Babylon when mules bear foals!" one of them said.

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3.152 Nineteen months later, Darius still hadn’t taken the city, despite trying every sort of stratagem (including diverting the river).

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3.153 20 months in, a mule owned by Megabyzus' son Zopyrus foaled. Z. remembered what the soldier had said & figured Babylon could be taken.

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3.154 Zopyrus therefore mutilated himself. He cut off his nose and ears and he shaved his head & whipped himself, and he reported to Darius.

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3.155 Zopyrus' plan was to desert to Babylon as tho abused by D. He'd be given an army & wd repeatedly defeat D's men--by prearrangement.

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3.156 So Zopyrus went off to Babylon and told them Darius had mutilated him, and he said he wanted to punish Darius for what he'd done.

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3.157 The Babylonians were completely deceived. They gave him an army & after several successes vs. Darius they made him commander-in-chief.

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3.158 When Darius made an assault on the city, Zopyrus opened the gates and let him in. The Babylonians realized then they'd been betrayed.

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3.159 So Darius retook Babylon & tore down its walls. He impaled 3000 of its citizens & brought in women from other towns to repopulate it.

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3.160 Darius honored Zopyrus greatly for his sacrifice & gave him Babylon to rule. Later, Zopyrus' grandson Zopyrus would desert to Athens.

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