Book 3

3.11 Cambyses' army arrived & camped near the Egyptians. Greeks in the Egyptian army slit the throats of Phanes' kids and drank their blood.

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3.12 I saw the bones of those who died in this battle: the Persians' skulls were brittle, the Egyptians' stout (bc they shaved their heads).

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3.13 The Egyptians were routed and fled to Memphis, which the Persians laid siege to & reduced. Neighboring peeps surrendered w/o a fight.

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3.14 Cambyses toyed with Psammenitus, displaying his kids as captives. His son was led off to his death, but Cambyses decided to spare him.

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3.15 Too late! The kid was dead. But Psammenitus lived on at court until he was caught plotting a revolt. He drank bull's blood and died.

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3.16 Cambyses had the mummy of Amasis whipped & stabbed & plucked & burned. Burning corpses is not the done thing in either Egypt or Persia.

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3.17 Then he planned 3 campaigns, against Carthaginians, Ammonians, & Ethiopians: 1st step was to send spies to Ethiopia w/gifts for king.

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3.18 The Table of the Sun is in Ethiopia: the boiled meat of every four-footed creature is there, and anyone who wants can go and eat there.

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3.19 Cambyses summoned "Fish-Eaters" from Elephantine to serve as his spies. Meanwhile, the expedition against Carthage was a nonstarter.

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3.20 Cambyses sent the Fish-Eaters to Ethiopia with gifts for the king: the Ethiopians choose as king the tallest and strongest among them.

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