Book 3

3.21 The king was on to the spies. He gave them a bow for Cambyses & said the Persians shouldn’t return until they could string bows as big.

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3.22 The king asked about Persian customs and textiles and concluded that the only thing the Persians had over his people was their wine.

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3.23 The Fish-Eaters learned that Ethiopians live about 120 years. They were shown a spring of H2O that may account for this longevity.

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3.24 They shrink their dead and cover them in gypsum, then put them in crystal coffins. You can see the shrunken guys through the crystal.

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3.25 The Fish-Eaters reported to Cambyses, who was furious. He marched south at once. But out of food & gone cannibal they had to turn back.

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3.26 So ended the Ethiopian campaign. The army sent against the Ammonians disappeared in the desert, perhaps buried by a wind storm.

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3.27 After Ethiopia, Cambyses killed bigwigs in Memphis: he didn’t believe the Egyptians were celebrating bc their god Apis had appeared.

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3.28 Priests confirmed reason for celebration: Apis appears in form of a calf w/special marks. Cambyses ordered Apis bull be brought to him.

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3.29 Cambyses went postal on Apis. He stabbed it in the thigh, laughing at its mortality. Bull died. Priests whipped. Celebration banned.

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3.30 Cambyses went nuts. He dreamt a messenger told him his brother Smerdis had usurped the throne. He sent a man, Prexaspes, to kill him.

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