Book 3

3.31 The next bad thing he did was to murder his sister/wife. (She was one of two sisters whom he'd married--not the done thing in Persia.)

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3.32 He killed her because she reproached him for killing Smerdis. Some say they argued during a dog fight, others that it was over dinner.

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3.33 Those are the crazy things he did to his own family, maybe because of the Apis bull business, maybe because he suffered from epilepsy.

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3.34 He did other crazy stuff. He asked Prexaspes what people said of him. The answer infuriated him: you're great, but you drink too much.

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3.35 To prove he wasn't deranged from drink, he took aim at Prexaspes' son with his bow. He hit the heart--supposed proof of his sanity.

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3.36 When Croesus, the Lydian king, suggested he tone it down, Cambyses tried to kill him. But Croesus lived & they were later reconciled.

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3.37 Cambyses committed blasphemies. He opened coffins and mocked an image of Hephaestus. He entered a shrine forbidden to non-priests.

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3.38 If he weren't mad, he wouldn't have done such things. People, by the way, tend to think their own customs (e.g. burial rites) are best.

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3.39 The Spartans, meanwhile, attacked Samos & its tyrant, Polycrates. He'd been a guest friend of Amasis & was very successful in warfare.

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3.40 Amasis advised Polycrates to avert the gods' jealousy by lessening his good fortune. He suggested P. cast away something he valued.

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