Book 3

3.41 Polycrates accordingly went out on a big boat and threw his gold signet ring into the sea. Then he went home and mourned its loss.

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3.42 Some 5 days later a fisherman gave a fish to Polycrates. When it was cut open, the ring was found. Polycrates wrote Amasis about this.

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3.43 Amasis, when he heard the news, realized Polycrates was doomed, despite his apparent success. He severed his guest friendship with him.

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3.44 So the Spartans attacked this Polycrates. They'd been called in to help by Samian exiles whom Polycrates had shipped off to Egypt.

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3.45 There are various stories about what the exiles did after Polycrates sent them to Egypt, but eventually they made their way to Sparta.

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3.46 The Samians made a long speech asking for help, but they didn't succeed until they were brief enough to satisfy the "laconic" Spartans.

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3.47 According to the Spartans, they helped the exiles because they wanted revenge: the Samians had stolen a breastplate and bowl from them.

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3.48 The Corinthians helped too: a generation before the Samians had stopped them from sending 300 Corcyraean boys to Sardis for castration.

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3.49 Corinth had colonized Corcyra, and from day one the two states had been at enmity.

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3.50 Periander (tyrant of Corinth) wanted revenge against Corcyra. He'd killed his wife Melissa. His son Lycophron found out and was sullen.

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