Book 3

3.51 Annoyed that his son was uncommunicative, Periander threw him out of the house. He confirmed his suspicion that L. knew about Melissa.

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3.52 Periander bid that Lycophron be treated as an outcast. Later, when L.'s attitude didn't improve, Periander shipped him off to Corcyra.

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3.53 Much later P. persuaded L. to trade places w/him & rule Corinth. The Corcyraeans killed Lycophron to thwart the plan, hence P.'s anger.

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3.54 So the Spartans laid siege to Samos, but they were driven out by Polycrates and his army.

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3.55 Two Spartans fought/died especially well, Archias & Lycopes. As I heard from his grandson, the Samians honored Archias after his death.

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3.56 The Spartans gave up and went home after 40 days. It was their first expedition into Asia.

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3.57 The Samian exiles who'd called in Sparta sailed to Siphnos to ask for a loan. But a prophecy bid the Siphnians to beware a red herald.

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3.58 The Samian ambassadors, in their red ship, were refused aid. The Samians thereupon took 100 talents from the Siphnians by force.

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3.59 The Samian exiles then settled in Crete and grew wealthy. But in the sixth year they were defeated at sea by Aegina and were enslaved.

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3.60 I dwell on the Samians because of their three great construction projects: an underground channel, a 1/4-mile-long mole, and a temple.

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